When you hear the words “surveillance camera,” what’s the first association? For most people, the answer is “security,” since surveillance cameras are commonly used in tangent with a commercial or residential security system. But they have a wide variety of uses, and both residential consumers and various industries are finding alternative uses for surveillance cameras outside of basic security:

  • Zoos and wildlife refuges are now using cameras to observe the behavior and actions of their animals to provide better care. In some cases, this observation is extended to the general public to witness rare events, as when April the giraffe gave birth earlier this year at an animal park in New York, or the multiple “eagle cams” set up to observe the hatching of bald eagles across the country.
  • Industries with firm compliance standards for sanitation, such as hospitality and food, use cameras to monitor their facilities to ensure processing floors are up to code and employees are meeting those standards.
  • Video surveillance is also increasing in warehouses, where safety standards are often stricter, to monitor compliance to the rules and provide footage in the case of an accident or violation.
  • Retail stores have found surveillance footage useful in determining shopping patterns and traffic flow through their stores. This helps marketing teams determine the best locations for displays, the efficiency of signage, and the shopping habits of their customers.
  • Hunters utilize surveillance cameras to prepare for upcoming hunts. The cameras help them determine what type of game is in their hunting area and track the movement of the animals. In fact, there are multiple cameras designed solely for the use of game tracking.
  • More cities are implementing cameras to monitor traffic flow to determine the efficiency of light patterns and give emergency responders information on the fastest route to their destination.
  • Parents of newborns have found surveillance cameras to be a more secure and reliable substitute for baby monitors, and a way to keep an eye on kids playing outdoors. On the other side of the spectrum, cameras can also be used by caretakers to check on elderly patients.

Including video as part of your home or business alarm system is a great choice for security, but keep in mind there are so many alternative uses for surveillance cameras that can add value to your investment!

By Tori Martinez

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